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How to claim your rights as a father?

When couples separate and have children, people say the children are better off with the mother than with the father. The reality is that children need both parents. If the mother does not allow you to visit your children, you should ask for a legal paternity test in a court case so that a judge can establish your parental rights. Although these legal proceedings are often cumbersome, time-consuming and expensive, in some cases, they are the only option for many men to enjoy their children, without being taken away by a police officer. One of the advantages of legal paternity testing is that once a laboratory has established that a man is genetically the father of a child, that man will have his rights and duties as a father forever. A man loses his rights by committing a crime or putting his children’s lives at risk.

How do you keep your parental rights?

A judge’s verdict on your rights and duties as a father is not permanent. A social worker will likely be assigned to ensure that your actions as a parent do not directly or indirectly affect your children. A parent who endangers their children or starts excessively drinking alcohol or smoking may lose parental rights or have them supervised. That is, he can only see his children when a third person is watching. Using or consuming drugs is one thing that can cause a father to lose parental rights for good. Once a father has been found liable for one of these offences, the judge may determine that he will have no further parental rights, either now or in the future. One mistake is enough to keep you away from your children.

Why do children need their parents?

Studies have shown that children who grow up in contact with their parents are more likely to enter college and get good jobs. The children and teenagers with the best grades in school are those who have not broken contact with their parents. It doesn’t matter if mum and dad are separated; what matters is that they get along for the sake of their children. The problem is that many women think that men are not needed to raise their children, and many irresponsible men neglect their parental duties. The result is a generation of people with no values, with problems of depression, anxiety, and a greater likelihood of committing a crime. It is time to end the myth that fathers are not necessary for their children’s lives.